In recent versions of Woocommerce Bookings, they have removed “woocommerce_bookings_gcalendar_sync” filter, which is used by this plugin, so if you use any version of Woocommerce Bookings after 1.12.2, then this plugin won’t work.

Google Calendar Event Add-on WooCommerce Bookings plugin for WooCommerce BookingsWooCommerce Bookings sends limited booking/customer information to Google Calendar when a booking is made by customer. Google Calendar Event Add-on WooCommerce Bookings sends additional information like Custom Name, Customer Email and Customer Phone number so such information can be helpful to site owner when they want to know about customer details directly in Google Calendar Events.

This plugin gives flexibility to decide which customer information should be send to Google Calendar as additional information. Once the plugin is installed in your WordPress website, you need to go to Settings page, then Click on menu item GCal for WC Booking. You will be redirected to the plugin setting page. Here, you will see Additional Event Description text area where you’re free to use placeholders like CUSTOMER_NAME, CUSTOMER_BILLING_EMAIL, CUSTOMER_BILLING_PHONE. You can use “Enter” key in order to separate them. When WooCommerce Bookings sends information to Google Calendar, the plugin detects such entered placeholders and replaces them with it’s dynamic value. This data will appended to the data from WooCommerce Bookings

This is setting page:


Here is how additional information is shown in Google Calendar:

Event Description in Google Calendar